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Featured Water & Waste Water Projects

Lake Michigan Water Filtration

Lake Michigan Water Filtration

Scope: HVAC renovations for the City of Grand Rapids' Lake Michigan Water Filtration plant

Location: West Olive, MI

Completed: 2016

Covert Pumping Station

Covert Pumping Station

Scope: Fiberglass pipe for a pumping station

Location: Covert, MI

Weld Procedures: No welding, fiberglass

Completed: 2008

Water Treatment Pipe Skid Package


Scope: Reverse osmosis skid

Location: Fabricated in-house, shipped to Arizona

Weld Procedures: Tig to stainless steel

Completed: 2010

Wastewater Pipe Spools


Scope: Wastewater pipe spools

Location: Fabricated in-house, shipped to Indiana

Weld Procedures: Mig

Completed: 2007

Other Water and Waste Water Projects

City of Grand Rapids Lake Michigan Water Filtration Plant: Grand Rapids, MI

Covert Water Treatment Plant: Covert, MI

City of Wyoming Water Treatment Plant: Wyoming, MI