Pipe Spool and Skid Fabrication Equipment



We offer turnkey RetroFab packages through a partnership with our sister company, 3D Imaging Services. When we fabricate for retrofit or renovation projects, 3D laser scanning at key points in the process removes human error. Fabrication is guaranteed to fit precisely to existing conditions, eliminating work and reducing facility downtime.

The Process

1. Field Scan: In a fraction of the time it takes for hand measurements, we laser scan the entire area. The scan captures millions of 3D measurements (point-cloud data) with 2 mm accuracy.

2. 3D Modeling & Coordination: Next, our internal team of engineers and BIM specialists uses the point-cloud data to build a 3D model and combine it with the design for the new components. This ensures complete accuracy of the new design.

3. Fabrication: We extract shop drawings from an accurate 3D model and send them to our 60,000 square-foot, onsite fabrication facility. Our code-certified welders construct new components in modular skid packages or spools.

4. Quality Scan: While still at our shop, the newly fabricated components undergo a 3D laser scan as a quality check. Our in-house specialists conduct a deviation analysis to ensure the final product matches the model precisely. We adjust any deviations prior to shipping to ensure a fast, seamless installation when the components arrive on site.

5. Installation & Turnover: With delivery of the new components, customers also receive the final, as-built and point-cloud data that can be used for facility management or future renovations.

Example Applications

  • Skid packages
  • Tanks for manufacturing and processing facilities
  • Replacement spools
  • Modular pipe racks
  • Modular fabrication
RetroFab Process

"Their quality processes have always been utilized to keep our costs down, product quality high, and minimize delivery times to the customer.There are many types of contractors I have worked with in the past 37 years, but Egan has been one the absolute best and it is why we continue work with them on projects from our home base in California."