Mechanical Contracting

Egan History

Founded in 1919

Mr. Andy Egan founded Andy J. Egan Co. in 1919 out of an office in his garage. With his expertise in the application and installation of coal-fired boilers, stokers and steam distribution systems, the company developed a reputation for high quality work and exceptional customer service resulting in steady growth.

Jasper Family Legacy

Following Mr. Egan's death in 1932, Harold Jasper, a long-time employee, purchased the company.

Since assuming ownership, the Jasper family has embraced the values and vision pioneered by Mr. Egan. The result is a highly respected and diversified business with a history of excellence in quality and service.

Tom Jasper, current owner and Harold's grandson, took over as president upon the retirement of his father, Earl Jasper, in 1990. Tom's three children are part of the Egan team in various management capacities.

Company Timeline

1919 Andy J. Egan Co. started.
1932 Mr. Andy Egan passes away. Long-time employee Harold Jasper purchases the company, then located on Bond Avenue in Grand Rapids, MI.
1953 24/7 service department is added.
1960 Company relocates from Bond Avenue to Winter Street.
1978 Harold Jasper passes away. His son, Earl, takes over as president.
1985 Company relocates from Winter Street to Waldorf Court.
1990 Earl’s son, Tom Jasper, takes over as president.
1998 Egan relocates from Waldorf Court to Waldorf Street. The new facility undergoes three additions over the next several years to expand the fabrication shop.
2001 The company expands their fabrication capabilities from just in-house projects to outside customers.
2001 Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3-D coordination are first used.
2004 Egan begins offering sheet metal and insulation, expanding its ability to offer turnkey services.
2010 Egan Food Technologies is founded as a sister company that offers food processing equipment.
Lowering Valve Circa 1935 Harold Jasper with Egan Truck

"Here are some things I appreciate most about Egan:
-The employees listen, and because they listen expectations are met
-They always present multiple options, allowing us to make informed budgetary decisions
Three Rivers Fire Department