Certifications & Licenses

Certifications & Licenses

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State of Michigan Licenses

  • Mechanical contractor
  • Plumbing contractor
  • Boiler installer
  • Professional engineers

Weld Certifications

We are an ASME code shop fabricating all products to meet ASME Section IX standards. Egan has the following certifications and stamps:

  • ASME S and U code stamps
  • National Board Inspection Code R stamp
  • PED Certified (European weld standards)
  • API 1104 weld procedures
  • AWS D1.1

We are certified to perform the following types of welding:

  • Tig (GTAW)
  • Orbital (GTAW)
  • Mig (GMAW and FCAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)
  • Submerged arc (SAW)
  • Brazing (OFW)

Other Certifications

  • Certified medical gas installers
  • MSCA Green STAR Certified
  • LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Johnson Controls Authorized Building Controls Specialists

"I refer to our business relationship as a partnership because it truly has been just that. Egan engineers and technicians have collaborated with our in-house controls specialists to design control systems and strategies that are highly innovative and customized to the needs of Kalamazoo College."
Kalamazoo College